Kellogs under fire from FDA for misleading packaging…

Kellogs under fire from FDA for misleading packing…

I first heard this story on a Kiwi radio talkback program last night:

The Giant Kellogs breakfast food manufacturer is voluntarily halting promotion of its nutrition labeling program after federal regulators said such systems could mislead consumers, officials with the group said Friday.

Industry leaders launched the “Smart Choices” program in August to identify foods that meet certain nutritional standards and then highlight them for consumers with a green label on package fronts.

But the Food and Drug Administration said last Tuesday that there are so many labeling programs with different criteria that they may mislead consumers about the health benefits of certain foods. The agency told manufacturers it will crack down on inaccurate labeling, although it did not name specific products or give a timeline for enforcement.

Many of these foods have exceptionally high levels of sugar in their products and have misled the public through their packaging. The FDA said it will crackdown hard on Kellogs and any other companies.

Kellogs have made billions if not trillions of dollars through the sales of their products over three generations or more worldwide

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