Well the contract has been signed for five years, and my 14 year old grandson knows the terms.

There is a sort of grading scale depending on the level he plays at. He will receive free schooling at Brisbane Grammar, a rugby league boarding school, or in Melbourne if he prefers that, and lives with a family there. I won’t release the financial details, apart from saying its pretty good for his age.

To me it is like beginning an apprenticeshop that may last five years. If he is in the Melbourne Storm first grade team permanently by the end of this contract, and would be about 19 years old, they could rip up the old contract and offer him one at top rates. He has a great future in the NRL in Australia. In his contract he is asked to state what country he would like to play for eventually. Bit premature, I would thought?

Its a long journey for a young boy and hopefully he will have the mental maturity to handle it all the way. I could never have done that. I don’t think there is another boy of his age in this little country of 4.3 million people who has been given such an opportunity. Pride Petterson-Robati is his name. Good luck Pride!

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